Legal Services


Worldwide Consultancy knows how to face challenges arising out of difficult and complex civil cases. We are a well-trained team, working collaboratively in order to win lawsuits. We are confident that we can achieve the needs and best interests of our clients.
Our team keep fully engage with clients at all stages of their cases that occur during litigation. Our team is highly experienced and has dealt with hundreds of cases in Pakistan with a proven record of accomplishment of winning.
OUR professional team deals with all aspects of juridical administrations facing our clients. We work hard to utilize effective measures in order to shun and avoid problems. We take an aggressive legal approach to protect clients’ rights and business plans from others’ aggression.


Worldwide Consultancy has a highly qualified team of experienced pleaders before the courts in criminal cases. We defend and plead, on behalf of our clients, before all levels of the court in Pakistan in relation to Criminal cases.
OUR legal team has the skills to avoid convictions and achieve acquittals for clients in criminal cases. Generally, we help our clients to navigate all difficulties of criminal proceedings before the criminal courts to create a successful outcome.

Rent Matters

we offers support in all types of housing matters, from reviewing your lease just like that, Ejectment of tenant, Fixation of fair rent, Recovery of rent amount, Registration of rent deeds, Rent Appeals

Recovery of Bad Debts and Loan

Our law firm is very successfully providing legal services for recovery of bad debts and loan by initiating civil and criminal proceeding against defaulters in very vigilant and aggressive manner.

White collar crimes including

White-collar criminals usually occupy a professional position of power and one that commands well above average compensation, Accountability Offences, Financial Corruption, Money Laundering, Banking Crimes, Anti-Corruption cases, Cyber-Crimes


Worldwide Consultancy knows how to face challenges arising out of difficult and complex family cases. We have well-trained team, working collaboratively in order to win lawsuits. We are confident that we can achieve the needs and best interests of our clients. We represent clients appearing before all levels of family courts, which include dispute settlement offices, courts of first instance and appellate courts.
Family law is one of the most important laws that touch everybody’s daily life. People who are going to marry are become subject to the family laws and the rules, where the marriage took place. From this point, the notion and the idea that everyone should know the family law before they become subject to it, has been formed.
OUR Law Firm guides clients in taking the best legal action concerning them. We are sufficiently experienced and professionally equipped to fight on behalf of our clients, be it in the case of the plaintiff or the defendant, in order to achieve success.


Worldwide Consultancy provides legal service to Local, Overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Clients to set up business in Pakistan. Business Set-Up services of Our Law Firm will help you in those essential early stages of business, giving you advice to assist you to set-up a business and able to plan and grow effectively without legal obstacles and litigation. We will assist you to make the right decisions at the right time. Whether you intend to set up a sole proprietorship concern or a company or a partnership firm we offer our legal services required for your business needs.
Business can be Set-Up in the following forms
Establishing and Registration of:

  • Company Registration.
  • Private Limited
  • Public Limited
  • Limited by Guarantee
  • Foreign Company Registration
  • Sole Proprietorship.
  • Partnership & Joint Venture.
  • Agency.
  • Trademarks and Copyrights, Patent and Design.
  • Society, Trust, and Charity


Worldwide Consultancy advises and assists clients in the sale, purchase, and leasing of commercial, agricultural, and residential properties. We successfully complete the whole process of verification and registration of title documents, and procurement of revenue documents “Farad” and get a mutation of names (Intiqal) in the revenue record.


You may engage our legal services for a full legal advice regarding.
Our services includes but not limited to:

  • Succession Certificates
  • Dissolution of Marriages, Divorce and Khula
  • International Divorces
  • Registration of Marriages and Divorces
  • Drafting of Divorce Agreements
  • Divorce Effectiveness Certificate
  • Court Marriage in Pakistan
  • Drafting of Legal Documents
  • Translation of Documents
  • Research about Pakistani Laws
  • Legal Opinion about Pakistani Laws

Deed Writing and Registration of Documents

Unfortunately in Pakistan people don’t consult with Lawyers for drafting their Legal Documents. They get write-down these valuable documents from in-experienced Deed Writers who don’t know the requirements of legal documentation, which creates a lot of legal complications for them in the future. Always get the services of an experienced legal expert for the drafting of your precious Title Documents. We provide legal services for the drafting and registration of all types of Legal Documents including:
Agreements to sell or purchase, Sale Deeds, Gifts, Wills, Exchanges, Lease Agreements