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Australia is the next ‘hot’ destination after the UK for Pakistani students in terms of numbers, quality and living conditions. Every year, several thousand students from Pakistan and throughout the world go to Australia, for world-class education, which is recognized globally and that has top-class and highly ranked universities. 

It is a young, vibrant and friendly country in which students can live, learn and grow. Excellent communication and transport facilities, cosmopolitan shopping complexes and excellent health facilities makes Australia a pleasant living place with one of the world’s best environments.

Work While Study

It is possible to work and study at the same time in Australia. Students granted visa on or after 26th April, 2008 have the Permission to Work automatically included in their visa for part time (maximum of 20 hours a week) during school semester and full time during vacation periods.

Australia offers a lot of part-time opportunities for students. In comparison to other countries, students get paid really well. The average hourly wage is in the range of 12-14 AUS $.

Your dependants will be allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week once throughout the year. Neither you nor your family members may commence work until the Principal visa holder, which is you, have commenced studying. However, if you commence your masters or doctorate degree course, then your family member(s) will have unrestricted permission to work during your stay in Australia.

Education with a Difference

Australia has a seemingly limitless array of education and training opportunities. International students can choose from a vast range of courses with a vocational orientation. Each of Australia’s institutions has its own strengths and areas of specialization, which gives international students a wide choice and access to the latest technology and research in their chosen field. The most popular courses amongst students are Business, Information Technology, Engineering, Science and Hospitality. 

Academic Life

Academic life of student in Australia encourage independent learning so student may seem to have a very casual and relaxed attitude toward their lecturers and tutors. This means that students are responsible for completing the readings, undertaking research and making deadlines. In many cases, it is up to you to do the required work, and no one will chase you for late essays or assignments. 

If you are having trouble making the transition, there are plenty of ways you can seek help. Most education providers have an international student office, where counsellors can direct you toward learning skills help. Many institutions run classes and seminars on conversational English, essay writing, note-taking and exam preparation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help — it is normal to fee a little bewildered at first. 

Way of studying

Education in Australia can give you an experience of real difference. Perhaps, world’s most research-oriented courses are available in Australia. By pursuing an Australian degree, you would imbibe curiosity, inquisition, sagacity and a deeper perspective about life. You will inculcate team spirit, raise intellectually interesting questions and sharpen your argumentative power with fellow students and teachers. 

The Australian education flavour is unique. In Australian schools students are taught creative and independent thinking in a progressive learning environment. Career-focused vocational courses and training transforms you to be an independent and active learner, both in the classroom, work environments and life. 

Cost effective education

Australia enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world but its living costs and student fees have a competitive edge over other countries. Statistics shows that the cost of living for an international student in Australia was nearly 30% less than either the United States of America or the United Kingdom. Average expenses for the students living in Australia are estimated to cost about AUD 12000 pa. 

The internationally respected Economic intelligence unit ranks Australia 12th out of 31 countries for the cost of doing business environment flows through to the cost of living and costs of providing education and training services. Research shows that the average cost of completing a Bachelors Degree in business was nearly 54%less than a private university in the United States of America while the cost of completing a Masters Degree in business was nearly 44% less than in the United States of America. 

Guarantee of quality

Australian universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research. You’ll learn from teachers who are experts in their industries and who can provide you with a sound understanding of your chosen field. You’ll develop strong academic skills that can be applied to other areas and learn to think creatively and independently. 

Whether you study at a university, school, vocational or English language institute, you will receive a quality education that will form a strong foundation for your future success. In Australia, English language courses are closely regulated to ensure the highest standards of education delivery are maintained. These standards extend to class sizes, professional teacher qualifications, curriculum, teaching methods and materials. 

International recognition

Australian Education Institutions offers an exciting range of courses at the diploma, undergraduate and post graduate level. All courses offered to International students have a CRICOS number as a signifier of Australian and Quality control In addition all professional degrees like Engineering, Information Technology, and Accounting are also accredited by the respective professional bodies like Engineers Australia, Australian computer society and CPA Australia. 

Articulation and credit transfer arrangements

Many Australian Universities recognize vocational qualifications such as diplomas and advanced diplomas as a good foundation for a bachelor’s me Degree. Some Vocational education and training institutions have agreements with Australian Universities that give students with diplomas and advanced diplomas credit in to Bachelor’s degrees. This ensures that the maximum amount of credit is given to avoid repetitive and inefficient education and training. 

This features of the Australian Qualifications frame work is especially useful for international students because their prior learning can be recognized and accredited to their course to attain any of the thirteen AQF qualifications, herby reducing the amount of time that they need to study. 

English speaking country

The best way to learn English is to live among, and converse with, native speakers. Students from around the world come to Australia every year to do just that. While some students study to prepare them for academic challenges, others study to improve their English for business, travel or personal reasons. Australia? Flexible English language institutions cater for everyone from beginner to advanced and you can enroll at virtually any time of the year. 

Living in Australia

Living conditions in Australia are generally quite high-quality. Australia consistently ranks in the top five out of ten in the world when it comes to quality of life indexes (e.g., The Economist’s) or human development indexes (e.g., The United Nations’). Housing and accommodation is of good quality, public transport is available, food and water are high quality, and many public amenities are accessible. Students can experience a wide range of leisure and sporting activities, and can expect low crime rates and a safe environment. The Australian way of life is a rather good one. It’s about freedom, equality of opportunity. Australia is a peaceful country, tolerant in the main of all people and welcomes those who want to visit or live here. 


Australia enjoys a desirable lifestyle. Despite some myths the country’s climate ranges from hot monsoon storms to snow in the southern highlands of New South Wales and Victoria during winter. The climate can be harsh with droughts, floods and the odd cyclone but this is rare. In the main the climate of Australia is gentle and enjoyed by Aussies and foreigners alike, hence why Australian beaches are very popular, ever been to Bondi Beach in NSW? The best climate is arguably to be found on East Coast Australia (NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD) 

Leisure and Tourism

International students studying in Australia have become important for a number of economic, cultural and social reasons. During their stay in Australia these students spend ‘work’ time studying and attending lectures. However, as with people in general, they also have periods of ‘non-work’ during which they may decide to undertake a range of travel and leisure activities. These travel and leisure activities provide international students meaningful and memorable ways to further enhance their stay in Australia. 

Healthcare services

Australia has a special system of health cover for international students in Australia. This is called Overseas Student Health Cover. All students and their families must have at least standard private health insurance through the Overseas Student Health Cover OSHC scheme. This must continue for the duration of their stay in Australia, and is a condition of a student visa. Standard OSHC covers medical and hospital care expenses that students or their family may incur while studying in Australia. OSHC will also contribute to the cost of most prescription drugs and emergency ambulance transport. Some OSHC insurance providers offer cover over and above standard OSHC cover. This additional cover is called ancillary cover, and can be purchased in country if desired. Medibank Private is the OSHC for all new international students. Medibank Private is a government run private health insurance provider. After twelve months. International students are free to change to a different health insurance provider. 

OSHC costs depend on how long you will be in Australia. Premiums vary depending on the health fund but generally they start from A$78 for three months insurance (A$312 a year). If your spouse and/or dependant children are accompanying you to Australia you will need to pay a family premium which costs you $ 548 for a family premium. 


There is a wide range of student accommodation available in Australia. Once you get an admission, the university’s international office would help you find a suitable accommodation. Various options: 
1. Home stay or farm stay
Institutions maintain a register of families prepared to board international students during the academic year. Meals are usually included in the cost. Single or shared rooms may be offered and the cost will vary accordingly. Home stay is popular with younger students and those studying short term English courses. Farm stay offers the same services in a rural setup. 
Educational institutions ensure that home stay families are reputable, and that they offer accommodation of a reasonable standard. This type of accommodation gives international students access to the Australian lifestyle in a natural and friendly way. Students are often treated like members of the family. Approx. Cost: A$ 150 – A$ 200 per week
2. Private Board 
Private board is similar to home stay. Students negotiate personally with the landlord about the standard of accommodation and meals they require. 
Approx. Cost: A$ 50 – A$ 150 per week (depending on the services provided) 
3. Hostels and Guest Houses
Hostels are usually run by organizations such as youth Hostels Australia, the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) and Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). Students share kitchen and bathroom facilities. 
Approx. Cost: A$ 80 – A$ 120 per week
4. Share and Rental Accommodation
Students often share accommodation with fellow students. They advertise on student notice boards and in the classified section of newspapers. All members of the household are responsible for cooking and cleaning. Students may have to provide their own furniture. 
Approx. Cost: A$ 70 – A$ 150 per week
5. University Apartments
Postgraduate and married students have access to this type of self contained, fully furnished accommodation within the university system. 
Approx. Cost: A$ 130 – A$ 215 per week
6. University Residential Colleges
Residential Colleges provide accommodation with meal. They are slightly more expensive than university Halls of Residence. The college undertakes cleaning and household tasks. Sporting and social facilities, tutoring, libraries and generally computer access are also provided. 
Approx. Cost: A$ 150 – A$ 250 per week
7. Halls of Residence: 
Halls of residence are located on or near university campuses and are generally cheaper than residential colleges. International students find them an attractive option. Students usually have meals and some cleaning services provided. Only full time students are accepted. Students need to apply early because of the high demand for places.
Approx. Cost: A$ 100 – A$ 150 per week

An utmost consideration for a family to send their child out for higher studies is Safety. Keeping this in mind, WorldwidePK has collaborated with more than 300 educational institutions that are placed in the safest countries of the world (as proclaimed by UNESCO). These are Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Dubai, Ireland, and Malaysia to brief a few. A safe environment during study helps the student to continue a stress-free education while enjoying a foreign life.

Once, a student is through with their studies abroad, WorldwidePK moves a step ahead in giving them the right career counseling for jobs in their host country. Many fraudulent agents around the world lure students with false promises. Some innocent children without any professional guidance sometimes get duped easily by these fake people. These jobs help students to work for unscrupulous employers for long periods without pay against the local law. Our expert career counselors, help these youngsters by giving the right advice on all career opportunities available during and after the study. We hope these stepladders will help you make up your mind to choose WorldwidePK as a catalyst for your dreams of a bright future. Register with us to get free education counseling from our expert counselors.

WorldwidePK even provides students with comprehensive travel information that helps in curbing the cost of the overall study abroad package. With the huge fluctuation in airfare because of the invasive competition between aircraft carriers in the global market these days, flying in a suitable airline needs a careful attempt. The budget for staying abroad can be calibrated by choosing the correct airline. Also, the usage of public transport in the host country can be used often to maintain an economical stay. Such tips like student pass, or the cheapest mode of communication, are informed to the students in advance for a comfortable stay.

Choosing the form of accommodation abroad can be a very challenging task, especially when one wants to stay in quality yet affordable accommodation. Each country offers innumerable options that support the budget of a student. However, choosing the accommodation that has the best access to transport and job location is essential as this can greatly affect the spending quota by as much as 20%. Surprisingly, these savings can be treated as a ‘mini scholarship’. Our accommodation advisors furnish you with sufficient information about suitable accommodation and also help you by giving senior contacts who were sent in previous intakes by WorldwidePK to study abroad.

Owing to the ongoing threats in the world at large, many countries change their Visa processes regularly. At times, students being oblivious to such changes end up getting rejected for Visa approvals. Our Global Opportunities team of ex–visa officials possessing the necessary knowledge and experience, supervise the students through the whole cumbersome Visa process to make it easy and viable. Not only that, but WorldwidePK has also gained trust with the education consultants at the embassies and high commissions around the world. In a way, our reputation regularises the visa-taking process for a student heading for their dream study destination.

As we all know the cost of the course plays a vital role in deciding on accepting the University by a student. There are high chances of students not going for higher education due to financial issues. Therefore, the right guidance and expert advice help in clearing doubts to a major extent. WorldwidePK with its financial advisors on board is highly qualified in handling such matters. Through information on scholarships and financial assistance offered by some Private and Government firms, they quickly solve the problems of the students.

Today is a time of Information. Students when applying for admissions get a lot of information that may or may not serve their purpose. Every institution follows its own admission criteria and a student applying for as many universities as to be secured gets easily confused with the process. In this state of chaos, it becomes difficult to come to a conclusion. WorldwidePK then steps in and makes the decision taken swiftly for the children. Our high acceptance rate has made WorldwidePK, Pakistan's leading education consultant.

The first step in ascending the ladder of success through a higher foreign degree is to choose the right subject of interest. It not only gives a direction toward a career but also helps in providing the required exposure to the student. Education experts at WorldwidePK identify the career goals and relate them to the academic background of the student and counsel them to find the most suitable course available. Our counselors along with the International Universities have restructured the course list to update the students with the latest information. The list can be taken from our nearest offices apart from free education counseling.

The next important factor that partakes in one’s decision to go to a foreign land for further studies is the Land itself! Children get confused in choosing a country owing to their (especially families) concerns over their safety, likeness, adjustment, and well-being. We at WorldwidePK ease their tensions regarding this by counseling on the Course intended, scholarship opportunities, Visa availability, and many such aspects. Through in-person counseling and virtual information communication, we help the students in zeroing it down to their favorite destination of convenience.

The thought of leaving home and staying in a foreign land sometimes becomes a nightmare for students and demotivates them to go for higher studies. Compromising their dreams, they settle for usual choices. Many times they get burdened with plausible questions like: – Is studying abroad really helpful? Where can I study? What are all the documents required for the admission and visa process? Will I be eligible for a scholarship? What are the visa formalities? Where will I stay during the course? And most importantly, which course will provide long-term returns and a rewarding international career? WorldwidePK very well understand the anxieties of the students and guides them through the process. We provide free counseling, visa assistance; interview preparation; pre-departure counseling, and other services to ensure that a scholar becomes a successful global graduate. Considering the area of interest, language proficiency, academic background, co-scholastic accomplishments, and many more such aspects, we help in making a student’s profile through their application that has the maximum chance of acceptance. We already are the possessor of a glorious past of sending more than 40 thousand students abroad and you could be the next!

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